Rabbit Register for Windows Guided Tour

Welcome to the guided tour of the Rabbit Register for Windows. Its purpose is to give you a brief introduction to the look and feel of our software. Please note that only a portion of the program's many features are covered in the short discussion that follows. Selecting the highlighted text or thumbnail image, presents a sample image of the screen being discussed. As these are screen images, and not an operational program, the icons and buttons on these images are not active. In addition to the screen shots we have sample printouts from our software available.

We hope you enjoy this brief introduction to our software. In addition, any of our software can be downloaded for a free 30 day trial, just visit the download area and run the appropriate file. If you have further questions please contact us. If you want to purchase the software, ordering information is also available on-line.

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Summary Screen, Detail Screen, Pedigree Screen Litter Screen, Kin Screen, Financial Screen Genetics Screen, Chore
Screen, Master Breeding List

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