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The Summary Screen is where you do most of your work. It displays a list of your animals, with an abridged listing of the information available for each. The program stores the data for each breed separately, and within each breed it also separates the animals that are currently in your rabbitry from those kept for historical purposes. Summary Screen From this screen you can view the ancestry and descendants of an animal, its winnings and its litter information. From here you select the animals to be printed on a show entry form, a pedigree, cage labels, or a variety of other options. The leftmost column serves multiple purposes -- for example, when an asterisk appears it means the animal has been selected for printing, when a syringe appears on a yellow background in that column, it means that an animal is due for medical treatment, when a syringe appears on a red background, it indicates that the animal is now overdue for treatment. Clicking on the "Med Rcrds" icon provides complete details on the treatment(s) requiring attention.

Detail Screen The Detail Screen shows the complete data record for a selected rabbit. Think of it as an individual card in a Rolodex file.

The Pedigree Screen displays a sketch of the ancestry for a selected rabbit. You can view either a standard three generation pedigree, as shown here, or one with four generations. Bucks are displayed on a blue background, does are on a red background. Animals on a yellow background have not yet been entered into your database. Winnings are displayed in the drop-down boxes beneath each rabbit's data. This is a good way to preview a pedigree before printing it -- you can see if it will be complete without waiting for it to print out.

Pedigree Screen To see the full data on any rabbit, just point to it and click the left mouse button. If you want to see further back into an animal's history, just point to any animal on the screen and click the right mouse button. The program will now display the pedigree for that rabbit. While on this screen, a pedigree or a breeding certificate can be printed for the selected animal. The printed pedigree contains much more information than can be squeezed onto the screen, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs -- for instance, ear size can be shown for English Lops, and markings can be shown for Checkered Giants. If you have Adobe Reader, you can also view some sample printouts on our sample page.

In addition to printing hard copies, the pedigree can also be exported to disk, which allows the purchaser of your animal to add the pedigree information to her database without having to do any typing (assuming she has our software).

When entering data for a newly-purchased rabbit, you use a screen very similar to this one. The program provides an empty pedigree form, and guides you step-by-step through the process of filling it in. Whenever you enter the ear number or name of an animal that is already in your database, the program will fill in the remainder of information for that rabbit, and also fill in any of its ancestors for which data is available.

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