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Who are we?
Evans Software Services has been producing quality software for science, business and agriculture since 1988. The last time we counted, we had sold over 19,000 programs, in 31 countries, spread over every continent except Antarctica. We are a small band of pocket-protector-clad engineers with thick glasses that stay up late at night drinking Jolt Cola, eating Twinkies and cranking out computer software that we hope you can't live without.

Where are we?
ESS is situated at the western end of the state of Massachusetts, in the town of Lanesborough, a hamlet of about 3000 people nestled in the Berkshire Hills, in the shadow of Mt. Greylock, the highest point in the state. The local lakes, mountains and cultural centers make the region a prime vacation area, with swimming, boating, hiking, theater and music events in the Summer, vivid foliage in the Fall, and superb skiing in the Winter.

[Truth-in-advertising requires us to also point out that between Winter and Summer we have an eight week period euphemistically called Spring, but more realistically called Mud Season. At that time it is cold, wet, grey, damp, sloppy, and cabin fever abounds. If you live here, it's a good time to go away and if you don't live here, it's a good time to stay away!]

What is our software like?
All of our software has been specifically designed to run under Microsoft Windows. We do not produce software for Chromebooks or Apple computers. Apple's changes to their processors in Mac's now make it impossible to run our program on Mac's. The present version of our software runs under Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and 11, in the Home or Professional versions.

Our software is not web-based. All of our software runs directly on your computer, which offers several significant advantages: only you have access to your data; your data is available even when your Internet connection is down; there are no monthly fees that suddenly can be raised, blackmailing you into paying more to still have access to your own data; and your data won't suddenly be gone if the company providing the service disappears.

You have the option to use your free Microsoft OneDrive account to set up cloud-based sharing of your data among multiple computers running our software. With our software you only pay for one copy, regardless of how many computers you are using.

What products do we offer?
Historically, we have offered software for rabbit breeders and software for cavy breeders. While these still represent the majority of our business, we continue to expand our product line into other areas. The volume of our rabbit software business allows us to offer quality software at a reasonable cost to breeders of many other species. We now offer programs for chinchillas, goats, sheep, hamsters, birds and more. Please view software for other animals for more information on these other species.

To learn more, check out the Guided Tour of our rabbit software that describes how the program works and shows some sample screens. The information in the guided tour is nearly universal for all of our software.

You can also download a demo for free.

How can we be reached?
That's easy:

      Phone:    413-499-0426 (8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time)
      E-mail:    support@evsoft.us (8 AM to 9:30 PM Eastern)
      Visit:     our Facebook page
      Write:     P.O. Box 1534
                 Lanesborough, MA 01237-1534

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