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The following table lists the price to upgrade from a previous version of our software to the current version.

Prices are based on the date of your most recent purchase of an upgrade or total program. We keep records of all your purchase dates and software version numbers, if the following table seems confusing, please do not hesitate to call or write for your upgrade cost. There is no need to complete an order form when ordering an upgrade. Send us an email and we'll send you back an e-invoice that you can use to pay securely online with a credit card or PayPal. Or, if you prefer, you can call 413-499-0426 (8 AM to 8 PM Eastern Time) with a credit card number.

The software is currently at version 15.2212

Most Recently Purchased Version Upgrade Cost
Bought after 12/1/2019
(late Version 14 and all Version 15 purchases)
3/20/2018 - 11/30/2019
(most Version 14 purchases)
(Version 13) $20
(Version 12) $50
(Version 11 and earlier) $60

Add $25 to the above costs if you currently own the Standard Edition and want to upgrade to the Deluxe Edition.

Listed below are the major changes added in each version

So, for example, if you presently have version 11.2, start at the top of the list and read down to where Version 11.0 - 11.2 is listed in bold, all of those features have been added since you bought your software.
Version 15 (May 2020 - Present)
Conforms to the ARBA 2021-2025 Standard of Perfection
Adds many new pedigree formats including decorative borders and up to 6 generations of animals.
(Dlx) Calculates and completes paperwork for the ARBA Master Breeder/Exhibitor program
(Dlx) Added ability to enter into TaskMaster breeding chores that occur after the wean date
(Dlx) Added ability to search Journal entries over a user-specified date range
(Rabbit Dlx) Added ability to identify and track satin and wooly/long hair carriers on the pedigree screen
(Cavy Dlx) Added ability to manually record all major coat and color genes, and have program propagate them
(Cavy Dlx) Added ability to identify and track satin and wooly/long hair carriers on the pedigree screen
(Dlx) For German Angora breeders: Added calculation and printing of IAGARB Supplemental Color Sheets
(Dlx) For German Angora breeders:Added GW/AW parameters to the Summary Screen
Adds ability to keep a record of all litter cage numbers as the kits move to grow-out cages
Adds ability to enter partial dates, like "Spring 2014"
Adds ability track animals by nicknames or barn names
Adds ability keep a history of replacement ear tags and leg rings
Adds ability to sort the Summary Screen by Legs
Adds ability to import pedigrees from Hutch users
Improved the readability of the Variety Selection Screen
Adds ability to create lengthy, date-tagged comments for each animal
Adds ability to enter individual animal weights when expanding a litter
Adds ability to enter weights as pounds/ounces on growth charts
Adds new Breeds:
    Rabbit: Argente Saint Hubert, Glavcot, Mini Californian, Mini Plush Lop
    Goat: Experimental, French Alpine, Guernsey, San Clemente Island, TexMaster
    Poultry: Numerous new breeds of chickens, ducks, geese & turkeys
    Sheep: American Blue Morrit, Australian White, Awassi, Florida Cracker, Gulf Coast Native
                Lacaune, Royal White, St. Augustine, White Dorper
Version 14.1803 - 14.2004 (March 2018 - April 2020)
Conforms to the ARBA 2016 - 2020 Standard of Perfection (with revisions thru 2019)
World-wide compatibility
(Dlx) Added searchable Journal that can be used as a diary or for recording significant events
(Dlx) Added storing of data directly in OneDrive, allowing multiple computers to access the data
(Dlx) Added printing of Birth Certificates
(Dlx) Expanded Annual Herd Summary Screen
(Dlx) Added ability to print genotype on inventory printouts
Added Quadruple show entries
Added ability to show Sire/Dam variety on cage cards
Added ability to show wool harvest data on cage cards
(Dlx) Added ability to show Sire/Dam variety on Master Breeding List
(Dlx) Added new sort and filter choices to Master Breeding List
Simplified backing up to the Cloud (OneDrive only)
Added ability to suppress all winnings on printed pedigrees
Added for outbreeding: searches for unrelated animal(s)
Added ability to hide unused Summary Screen toolbar buttons
Added editing of the Recent Show List
Added ability to finish partial pedigrees from the View Pedigree Screen
Adding ear size growth data now updates value shown on pedigree
Expanded animal name field to handle up to 65 characters
Expanded cage number field to handle up to 10 characters
Simplified locating files on your computer
Version 13.0 - 13.50 (October 2013 - March 2018)
Conforms to the ARBA 2016 - 2020 Standard of Perfection (with revisions thru 2018)
Available in US, UK & Commonwealth, and Anglophone Canada only
User-selectable columns on Summary Screen
Columns can be in any order on Summary Screen
Batch print pedigrees from Summary Screen
Print 4 pedigrees on a standard-sized sheet of paper
All printouts now have print preview
Printer can be selected from inside the program
Each type of printout can be directed to a different printer
Program stores last-used printer for each type of printout
No limit on number of animals program can hold
Archive Summary Lists now show same data fields as Actives
User can suppress street address from printing on pedigrees
Calculates in-breeding coefficient
(Dlx) Unlimited number of medical tasks
(Dlx) TaskMaster can have chores after the wean date
(Dlx) TaskMaster calendar displays weather, moon phase, secular and religious holidays
(Dlx) TaskMaster calendar displays conventions, shows, family events like vacation and birthdays
(Dlx) TaskMaster interfaces directly with your Android phone. Update chores and animal weights on your phone, and the information is transferred directly into the program.
Version 12.0 - 12.4 (October 2010 - October 2013)
Conforms to the ARBA 2011 - 2015 Standard of Perfection
Print Receipts/Bills of Sale
Emailable For Sale lists
Backups now verify that they are complete & accurate
Simplified and expanded ability to sort and search through your data
Exported pedigrees more nearly match the style of your printed pedigree
Exported pedigrees print nicely on one page without user intervention
The user can suppress importable data from exported pedigrees
The pedigree export/import process will now work for with all email programs
More active and archive areas
Ability to undelete animals
Ability to segregate animals by breeder
Expanded Points field for European customers
Show remark card labels now contain your address
(Chinchilla only) Print ECBC-format show entries.
Numerous small changes to make the program more user-friendly
Version 11.0 - 11.2 (September 2007 - October 2010)
Conforms to the ARBA 2006 - 2010 Standard of Perfection
Print full 15 photo picture pedigree.
Print business cards.
(Rabbit & Cavy) Create triple show entry.
(Rabbit & Cavy) User can select to view all wins or just legs.
Print cage cards on separate 3x5 and 4x6 file cards.
Print litter data on cage cards.
Show two pedigrees simultaneously and highlight common animals.
Input dates by clicking on a calendar.
Print weight charts.
Plot weights from either DOB or first-entered weight.
View weights by date taken or animal's age.
Print blank lines at bottom of cage card.
Select/edit litter and winning entries by double-clicking on them.
Highlight animals on Summary Screen that are related.
Define default color to be entered when entering new animals.
Double- and triple-space inventory and MBL printouts.
(Dlx) Customize Master Breeding List.
(R Dlx) Create your own user-specified gene.
(R Dlx) Kit count based on past year's litter data.
(Chinchilla only) Print MCBA-format show entries.
(Dlx) Show chores for only the currently-selected breed.
(Rabbit only) Specify age class for rabbit cross-breed screen.
(Cavy only) Sort by show group.
Version 10.0 - 10.4 (September 2005 - September 2007)
Create a for sale list, store sale price and print for sale cards.
Automatically bump up rabbits and cavies, based on their weight.
Print miniature pedigrees on 4x6 cards.
Track sweepstakes points on a show-by-show basis.
Enter all show results, including sweeps points, from a single screen.
Easily move animals from one breed to another.
Print pedigrees with a background watermark.
Calculate breeding date, so as to have animals of a certain age on a particular date.
Graph up to 10 weights per animal.
(Cavy Dlx) added Deluxe Edition for cavy breeders that tracks breeding cycles and prepares chore lists.
(Rabbit & Cavy Dlx) added ability for judges to track show bids, mileage and expenses.
Search each animal's note and comment fields.
Increase font size on major screens.
Print each animal's weight on inventory listings.
Merge two animals.
Flag an animal as not show quality.
Enter show winning with only a partially-known date.
(Rabbit and Cavy only) the program now flags overweight and underweight animals
Version 9.0 - 9.3 (September 2003 - August 2005)
Access various program features by double-clicking on the desired animal
Password the program.
Import a pedigree directly from the user's email inbox.
email exportable pedigreees, directly from program.
(R Dlx) made sweeping changes to genetics calculations.
(R Dlx) made program automatically update genetics.
(R Dlx) added Vienna Carrier and Vienna Marked, improved BEW calculations.
Include membership numbers on printed and emailed show entry forms.
Show sire and dam ear/ring number on summary screen.
Preview pedigree.
Added custom formats to portrait pedigrees.
Print buyer info as a list.
View DOB on summary screen.
Improved ability to have mixed case in animal's names.
Automatically check for program updates.
Added 7th generation to pedigree screen, for those people with large screens.
Do hypothetical pairings.
Has 3 active areas and 6 archives available.
Name the active and archive areas.
Sire summary screen.
Single & double show entry as emailable web page.
View/edit show names and locations.
Search for GC#'s.
Search for partial matches.
Added autofill capability for show name and location when preparing show entry.
Highlight females with litter data.
Highlight animals with photos.
added user's comments as option for inventory printout.
Expanded color choices for pedigree printouts.
Added 'tip of the day'.
Made default breeder be user-specified.
Version 8.0 - 8.3 (October 2001 - August 2003)
Added website to pedigrees.
Added ability to create double-show entry forms (Rabbit and Cavy only).
Added ability to print blank show entry forms (Rabbit and Cavy only).
Added ability to view a photo pedigree.
Added new user-defined data fields to the litter data.
Added new cage label sizes.
Added new data fields including Date of Death, and lifespan calculations.
Added ability for TaskMaster to display and update medical chores.
Added ability for user to directly access litter data from TaskMaster.
Further expanded SpeedFill choices.
Expanded wool data records to record all harvests & calculate gross weight, adjusted weight....
Version 7.5 (October 2000 - September 2001)
Added ability to color pedigrees by variety.
Added ability to view line breeding data on the pedigree screen.
Added ability to keep a picture for each animal.
Added ability to show accepted colors for each breed (Rabbit and Cavy only).
Added ability to key chores off date kindled (Deluxe only).
Expanded the help screens.
Added new SpeedFill choices.
Version 7.0 (September 2000 - October 2000)
Added ability to track short-term medications.
Added ability to have user-defined chores (Deluxe only).
Added ability to rank animals as to likelihood of producing offspring of a desired color (Deluxe Rabbit only).
Version 6.5 (October 1999 - August 2000)
Added ability to view pedigrees with up to 7 generations onscreen.
Added ability to print show entry forms with multiple breeds per sheet.
Added ability to recall animals entered in the previous show.
Added ability to email a show entry.
Added ability to create web page pedigrees that you can email.
Added ability to bump up animals.
Added a third archive area.
Added ability to automatically count legs.
Version 6.0 (September 1999 - October 1999)
Added new pedigree styles and improved ability to print pictures on pedigrees.
Added ability to view litter data by the buck/boar.
Added ability for user to select fields in inventory printouts.
Added ability to print email address on pedigree and show entry forms.
Added new ways to organize and view data on the Summary Screen.
Added ability to view animal's chronological age.
Converted to be a true 32 bit Windows program for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Added ability to restrict the gene pool during genetics calculations (Deluxe Rabbit only).
Added ability to view list of all bred does (Deluxe Rabbit only).
Improved intelligence of TaskMaster (Deluxe Rabbit only).
Version 5.6 (December 1999)
This update fixed a Y2K compliance issue with show winnings' dates.
Versions 5.1 - 5.3 (September 1998 - September 1999)
Improved speed and accuracy of Deluxe Edition genetics calculations.
Added new breeds (five for rabbits, three for cavies) and many new varieties.
Added name and cage number to Deluxe Edition task list.
Improved the clarity of the pedigree printouts.
Version 5.0 (September 1997 - August 1998)
Added Deluxe Edition that contains TaskMaster chore scheduling and color genetics calculations.
Improved mail list, so that individual entries can be selected for printing. Alphabetized entries.
Made program autocorrect corrupted data files, where possible.
Improved ability to enter winnings and litters from the Add Pedigree Screen.
Added "Cage Number" data field for each animal.
Expanded ability to backup data to any drive or network drive on the computer.
Version 4.5 (July 1997 - September 1997)
Greatly expanded size of all comment fields for litters, winnings, buyers, and the animals themselves.
Added "% Show Quality" to litter data.
Added ability to track financial records.
Added Feed Conversion Ratio.
Added "Rank In Class" to winnings, and various new winning classes such as BISR & BOBR, where appropriate.
Simplified the ability to suppress printing undesirable winnings data.
Added ability to view siblings/descendants from Search Screen.
Added ability to view winnings by the show or judge, as well as by the animal.
Added Fur Class to show entry forms.
Modified cage label printouts to automatically adjust print to label size.
Improved financial data printouts.
Modified show entry data entry to accommodate shows with different fee for first animal.
Added new sort functions to Summary Screen.
Version 4.0 (September 1996 - July 1997)
Added Expand Litter function, that adds entire new litter to database in one operation.
Added ability to print litter data graph.
Added ability to print show remark card labels
Added Date Bred to litter data.
Added Data Restore function.
Added ability to view all siblings or offspring of a selected animal or sire/dam pairing.
Added ability to print full page picture on pedigree printout.
Version 3.2 (June 1996 - September 1996)
Expanded winning information.
Simplified adding and editing of winnings and litter data.
Expanded and improved the litter printouts.
Improved show entry form printouts.
Changed mailing list to print labels more clearly.
Added ability to print GC and Reg #'s in color.
Added comment field to landscape inventory printout.
Added ability to prevent a winning from printing on pedigree.
Expanded ability of program to handle ~3000 animals per breed.
Added second archive area.
Added bulk move/delete.
Simplified the Add Rabbit function to speed entering multiple animals from the same litter.
Added sire and dam name as options on cage label printout.
Version 3.0 - 3.1 (November 1995 - May 1996)
Made program Windows 95 compliant.
Added ability to import/export pedigrees on disk, eliminating the need for manual entry of pedigree data when you buy an animal from someone with the same program.
Added custom data fields to pedigree to allow storage of breed-specific information, such as wool weight, ear length and markings.
Added medical record-keeping for long term medications.
Improved show entry printouts.
Added to and improved the sort options for viewing data on Summary Screen.
Expanded the mailing list features.
Added new pedigree formats, including full color and ability to include a graphic.
Version 2.0
Added ability to enter pedigrees right on the pedigree screen, cutting data entry time by 50%.
Added membership numbers to show entry printouts.
Added cage label formatting options.

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