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The following unsolicited compliments from our customers are representative of the many we have received.

I love the Rabbit Register! Thanks for a great product. It makes it so easy to keep track of all my rabbits. I especially like the part where you can expand the litters! Boy what a time saver that is. Now I can spend more time in my barn handling my rabbits than in the house writing out pedigrees! Thanks again.

N. P.
Prince George, BC

I love this program! I had been playing around with other programs and they were giving me fits. They had so many possibilities yet didn't work smoothly. My boyfriend bought me this one for my birthday, because I was procrastinating spending the money. It was the best present I've had in years! I love the ease in which the program works. it took me literally days to enter my rabbits in other programs, I was done in just a few hours with yours. I was amazed at how easy the data entry was. I look forward to putting rabbits in!

S. B.
Port Orchard, WA

We are very pleased with it!!!! Much, much better than other programs that we have tried.......very easy to use and produces quality documents. Thanks for making our lives a bit easier!

K. B.
Placerville, CA

I received ... and installed it with no problems. I can see that I have spent my money well. The program is truly a pleasure to operate ... The genetics portion is a lot of fun as I enjoy that end of the hobby ... Again thanks for a very well put together piece of software.

J. M.
Donovan, IL

Thanks for getting my software to me so quickly! I got it ... [yesterday], like you said, and I think I've pretty much figured it out now. Your program is extremely easy to use and I already love it!

R. C.
Newport News, VA

Hey, you guys that stay up late and create these programs... you are doing a great job! As I continue to add our herd and go forward I am so very impressed with this program. You have thought of just about everything. I especially like it that you have options for 'show' and 'commercial'. We are more commercial than show, so nice to have the option. The feed conversion ratio is a very important factor for us and you even included it!!! This is great. Just wanted to let you know that we like the program more than we thought we would and it's better than you advertise!!!

P. F.
Coarsegold, CA

I received the updated disk. Thank you very much for the quick response. When anyone asks if I like my pedigree software I always say yes. Now I can say I get excellent support as well. Thanks!

B. B.
Terre Haute, IN

I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with the software program that I got from you recently. It makes me wonder how I got along without it!!! Thanks for such a great program.

A. B.
Lincoln, NE

I highly recommend Evans Rabbit Registery Software. ... I could not manage my small, wee, tiny :) rabbitry (especially pedigree data) without the use of my Evans software.

R. W.
Alpine, AL

I have recently purchased your rabbit register software. So far it has greatly decreased the amount of time required for record keeping yet it provided me with easy access to a greater amount of information. I am well pleased with your product.

L. A.
Merom, IN

Although I have not used programs other than the Evans one I would suggest that a person can save themselves frustration and money by going right to the Evans Rabbit Register...Their program is easy to use and the service cannot be beat. I have spoken to people who had one of a competing company's programs and they wish they had not wasted the money. The word was that the program was difficult to use and the service was terrible.

R. M.
Kakabeka Falls, ON

I have used this software for a couple of years...It's great software and the service that Dave and his staff furnish is outstanding. I don't know what I would do without this software. I highly recommend it to all rabbit breeders. It's very comprehensive and an easy tool to use in your Rabbitry record keeping. If you have a question, Dave is very prompt in answering them.

R. W.
Dellrose, TN

This rabbit program Rocks, it does everything you would ever want or just the basics if you prefer. I especially like all the custom options on the pedigree printout --such as colors, and any photos YOU choose.

Evans software for rabbits is the best I have ever seen. Fortunately the service is equal to the software!!

Evans software for rabbits give me the ease I have been looking forward to managing me herd, inventory, sale and expenses. I don't use all the features such as chores, but it is nice to know it is there. It is so easy to use my nine year old does most of it. We both love it!!

T. M.
West Chester, PA

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