Version 12 Download Area

New/Demo Users:

If you presently do not own our software, you are free to download our program and try it out at no charge. However, this page is very old software, kept for legacy purposes, so you do not want to try this particular version. Please go to version14.shtml to try the current version of our program.

Current Users:

If you presently own version 12 of our software, you may keep your software up-to-date for free from this site, and do not need a new authorization code. The authorization code that is presently built into your program will continue to work - just run the Setup12 file that is appropriate for your species of animal, located in the table at the bottom of the page that is captioned Latest Software. These files will remain available until October 7, 2018.


  1. If you are installing Version 12 for the first time, view and print the manual that is appropriate for the software that you want to use. Each manual is about 20 pages in length.
  2. Please note that the program for each species has its own link. This differs from previous versions of our software. Click the appropriate link in the leftmost column of the software table based on the particular program you wish to install. The same file is used regardless of whether you are installing for the first time or updating your software.
  3. Download (save) the file to your computer.
  4. Open the saved file and follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Latest Manuals

These files are in Adobe Acrobat 5.0 format. If an error occurs while loading (like "Could not find ColorSpace") or if the image appears full of black blocks, then you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat, and need to upgrade. Click here to download the latest version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free.

File Name File Size File Uploaded
Manual For:
Rabbit Register V12 Manual.pdf 123K 08/30/12 Rabbit Register Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition
Rabbit Deluxe Addendum V12.pdf 126K 08/30/12 Features unique to the Rabbit Register Deluxe Edition only
Cavy Register V12 Manual.pdf 125K 08/30/12 Cavy Register
Chinchilla Register V12 Manual.pdf 111K 08/30/12 Chinchilla Register
Rabbit V12 Upgrade Manual.pdf 118K 08/30/12 Rabbit Register Upgrade, Standard & Deluxe, for users that already own an earlier version
Cavy V12 Upgrade Manual.pdf 121K 08/30/12 Cavy Register Upgrade, for users that already own an earlier version
Chinchilla V12 Upgrade Manual.pdf 104K 08/30/12 Chinchilla Register Upgrade, for users that already own an earlier version

Latest Software

File Name File Size File Uploaded
Use to Install Revision Listing
Setup12R.exe 4.4M 02/06/15 Rabbit Register, Std. & Dlx - Version 12.4 View Listing
Setup12C.exe 4.3M 06/28/14 Cavy Register, Std. & Dlx - Version 12.4 View Listing
Setup12Ch.exe 4.3M 06/28/14 Chinchilla Register - Version 12.4 View Listing
Setup12RM.exe 4.3M 09/24/13 Rat-Mouse Register - Version 12.4 View Listing
Setup12Deer.exe 4.3M 09/24/13 Deer Register - Version 12.4 View Listing
Setup12H.exe 4.3M 06/28/14 Hedgehog Register - Version 12.4 View Listing

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